Boiler error codes, repair help & troubleshooting

Boiler-Error-Codes-and-TroubleshootingNeed help with boiler troubleshooting? Then you’ve come to the right page. Here, you’ll find easy-to-read, foolproof instructions that will help you to fix your boiler on your own. All the information is divided into two categories:

  • error codes
  • troubleshooting advice

Both of them were made in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations and standards. They can be useful in case something goes wrong with your boiler, but they are used differently.

How do you use error codes?

In case of malfunction, boilers send signals that may help to identify the problem or at least the type of problem. However, boilers show error codes differently, so depending on the make and model the way the error code is displayed may vary. In the “error codes” section, you will find a list of boiler manufactures, including not only the most popular brands (like Bosch, Lennox, Weil McLain, Bryant Carrier or Westinghouse), but less well-known ones, too. Write down the error code your appliance is displaying, find it in the table for your brand, and then try the suggested solutions.

How do I use the troubleshooting section?

The troubleshooting section is based on a different approach. Here, you need to identify what’s wrong with your boiler on your own as accurately as possible, and then find the symptom in the table. Next to it, there is a list of possible explanations and solutions.

Isn’t it safer to book a service engineer?

This is the question that may trouble even those who have experience in home appliance repair, to say nothing of those who have never tried it. Of course, in many cases boiler malfunctions need to be dealt with by a professional, but there is a wide range of issues that are easily resolved by homeowners. So, before a service call is arranged, try the advice you’ll find here, and there’s every chance that there’ll be no need for calling repairmen.