About Me

Welcome to allboiler.net – the blog started by Matthew Smith and Mark Morris devoted to repairing storage tank water heaters.

We have been repairing boilers for more than ten years now, and we can confidently say that most of the malfunctions might be fixed by the owners themselves. Of course, there are a number of breakdowns that only a professional repairman can handle.

Over the years of our work, we have repaired more than ten thousand boilers of various brands and models. We know all the features of these appliances, which is why here you will find the actual and reliable information concerning a DYI repair of your boiler, as well as some practical advice that will help you save money on professional repair works.

Storage tank water heaters can be found in most houses. Like any other type of home alliances, heating tanks sometimes fail due to wear of spare parts or operational malpractice. We will tell you how to determine the cause of a malfunction and repair the water heater by yourself. We will also tell you about the most frequent breakdowns. The instructions were created for the most popular models of water heaters.