Bryant boilers troubleshooting

Is your boiler making unusual noises, whistling, not launching, or the heating element won’t heat up? You need to do some troubleshooting. Check the table below, which describes the most common causes of malfunctions, ways of dealing with them and bringing a boiler back to work.

Bryant BS1 boilers troubleshooting

Boiler fails to operateCheck thermostat for proper temperature setting
Is electrical power supply to boiler on?
Is manual shut-off valve in gas supply pipe in open position? (Follow start-up procedures if you open gas line.)
If you have a manually ignited continuously burning pilotBe sure that it is burning. If not, see the start-up procedures in this manual
Control dial on gas valve in ON position? (Follow start-up procedures if you must reset dial to ON.)
If your boiler still fails to operateCall your service representative

Bryant BWBBAN000045 boilers troubleshooting

Error Code NumberDefinitionConsequence
4Flame current too low. Check for flame.Non critical alarm
6Flame sensed out of normal sequence (before opening or after closing gas valve).Soft lockout
18Gas valve relays welded. Five consecutive soft lockouts.Hard lockout
23Flame sensed during prepurge (before gas valve signaled opened).Soft lockout
32Sensor 1 error. Temperature sensor in well is not reading correctly. Verify it is connected to board. Replace if necessary.Wait for recovery
55Atmospheric damper end switch failed to close (end switch contacts stuck open).
56Atmospheric damper end switch failed to open (end switch contacts stuck close).
57Igniter flame rod shorted to burner ground
58Igniter flame rod shorted to burner ground. Repair or replace igniter.
59Line Voltage error - voltage out of specification high or low (15-37V (44-66Hz))
60Applies only to thermostats having on-board transformer. Polarity is wrong in this case.
Thermostat input higher than threshold.
61Line voltage unstable - possibly too may heavy loads switching on and off causing erratic supply voltage.
62Soft lockout: maximum number of retries exceeded. (For pilot ignition)Soft lockout
Soft lockout is reset after one hour if alarm reason disappears.
63Soft lockout: maximum number of recycles exceeded. (After main burner ignition)
64Soft Lockout - electronics failure. On-board self diagnostics detected error.
65Over temperature error. Sensor measured temperature in excess of maximum allowable limit.Hard lockout