Crown boiler troubleshooting

Crown Boiler Co. was founded in 1958, and in the 1970 ‘s the company began to develop rapidly. And today it is a large national company, which produces boilers sold at competitive prices. Below you will find a Crown boiler troubleshooting system, presented in the form of a table. Refer to it in case of troubles with your boiler.

Crown Boiler BWC Series 2 boiler troubleshooting

ConditionPossible Cause
Boiler not responding to call for heat, “Status” and “Priority” show “Standby”.Boiler is not seeing call for heat. Check thermostat or zone wiring for loose connection, miswiring, or defective thermostat/zone control.
Boiler not responding to a call for heat, “Status” shows “Standby” and “Priority” shows Central Heat or Domestic Hot Water.Boiler is not firing, temperature is greater than setpoint. Water flow through boiler primary loop non-existent or too low.
Boiler Running but System or Boiler Circulator is not running• Check wiring for loose connection, miswiring. Flow switch is defective and needs replacement. When there is a Domestic Hot Water Heat Request the System or Boiler pumps will be forced “off’ when there “Run Pump for” parameter is set to “Central heat, off DHW demand” or “Central Heat, Optional Priority”. This has been set to allow all of the heat to be provided for fast indirect water heater recovery. After one hour of “priority protection” or the end of the Domestic Hot Water Heat Request the system and boiler pumps will be free to run.
Home is cold during mild weather days• Increase Low Boiler Water Temperature parameter 5°F (2.8°C) per day.