IBC boiler error codes

Read explanations to error codes listed in the table, which may appear due to malfunctions in the boiler. An error will be displayed on the screen. There is a brief description of the potential cause of a malfunction opposite the code, and troubleshooting instructions.

IBC DC Series boiler error codes

(blank)-The boiler is OFF. Press the On/Off button to turn on the boiler
(blank)(blank)No Call for Heat - Standby
XXX0Boiler pump running - pump post purge
1Boiler water temperature reached target - boiler pump is energized, call for heat still present
2Self-test - When power is applied to the boiler the controller enters a self diagnostic mode for 5 seconds
3Fan Pre-purge , Inter-purge and Post-purge
4Trial for Ignition and Flame Proving
5Heating - Space Heating
6Heating - DHW
7Burner on for Comfort mode or Freeze Protection mode

IBC VFC 15-150 boiler error codes

AIRFLOW ERRORCheck fan operation• Check lead is attached at fan.
LCD Screen Message: Error - Insufficient Air Flow - Check Venting Insufficient combustion airflow; soft error; will retry in 5 minutes• Cycle power off/on; listen for fan initialization. If no action, focus your attention on the fan itself.
Check for fouled reference lines and air sensor• Check clear vinyl air reference lines below gas valve for any sign of water. After disconnecting from black sensor, blow clear. Check for exhaust re-ingestion, or repeated power interruptions.
• Ensure condensate trap is not blocked.
• Go to Advanced Diagnostics and check
differential air pressure sensor (at rest and with fan on).
Check achieved fan powerIn Advanced Diagnostics, during Pre-purge, Fan Pressure (FP) should move close to Required Pressure (RP); if FP only 120-150 vs. RP of 250 or 300, then check for actual vent system blockage: (a) disconnect intake within boiler case; (b) open burner then fan/gas valve looking for debris.
Water noise in vent. Excess condensate in venting.• Check condensate trap for obstructions. Remove obstructions and refill condensate trap with water.
• Check vent length, size and configuration, particularly re: horizontal 2" piping.
WATERFLOW ERRORCheck pressure sensors• Check wiring: water pressure sensors to controller.
LCD Screen Message: Error - No Water Flow Low water flow - soft error; will retry in 5 minutes• Check pressure sensors.
Check for proper pipingRefer to Section 1.6 Water Piping for recommended piping installation.
Check primary pumpIf there is a valve on the primary loop, close it and listen for cavitation (evidence flow). If not, go to Installer Setup; select pump purge "on" to run pumps without a heat call - check for heat buildup at pump body (indicates no flow).
Check for restriction in water pipeCheck temperature differential across heat exchanger at low -medium firing rate if possible. Examine air strainer components for scale.
MAXIMUM IGNITION TRIALS ERRORNo spark when igniting. Igniter probe/flame sensor disconnected.Check that igniter lead is secure at the control module and at the probe.
LCD Screen Message: Error- Ignition Failure after 3 tries Boiler has failed to ignite on 3 successive attempts. Boiler in lockout for 1 hour, then repeats 3-try seq. Consult service technician if error recurs.Manual gas shutoff is closed or gas line not fully purged.Check for gas flow. Open manual gas shutoff and reset boiler.
Gap between igniter probe and burner is too large or too small.Adjust gap between igniter probe/flame sensor and burner to a distance of 3/16" (turn off gas supply and remove viewport for best visibility; use profile of 1/8" diameter ignitor rod to gauge distance)
Spark, but no ignition.Check spark module is sending power to gas valve - close gas supply, then disconnect (black) electric housing from face of gas valve, gently spread plastic tabs to open, and look for 24vac voltage between blue and brown wires during an ignition cycle. Replace module if no current detected
Boiler ignites, but shuts off at the end of the ignition trial. Improperly grounded pressure vessel/burner or unserviceable ignition lead or spark module.• Ensure pressure vessel is grounded.
• Check the igniter probe/flame sensor is electrically isolated from the vessel, and its ceramic insulator is intact.
• Replace ignition lead
• Replace spark module
HI LIMIT ERRORDefective or disconnected hi-limit switch.• Check wiring to hi-limit switch and control module.
LCD Screen Message: Error - Water High-Limit Exceeded Water temperature exceeds hi- limit. Boiler in hard lockout. Will reset in 1 hour. Consult service technician.• Check hi-limit switch.
VENT HI-LIMIT ERROR• Check wiring to ensure sensor is properly connected to control module.
LCD Screen Message: Error - Vent High-Limit Exceeded *** Call for service!• Check for evidence of any damage to vent system.
Vent temperature has exceeded the vent limit switch. Boiler in lockout. Consult service technician.• Push manual reset button, maintain constant watch during boiler operation to evaluate vent temperature at maximum operating settings to ensure no unsafe condition exists, e.g. max flue temp, within allowable limits for exhaust pipe material used.
TEMPERATURE SENSOR ERRORCurrent outlet temperature exceeds operating limit.• Check water flow.
LCD Screen Message: Error - Max. In-Out Temp. Exceed. - Check water flow Water temperature signal not within acceptable range. Potential flow or sensor failure. Consult service technician.Defective or disconnected temperature sensor.• Check wiring to temperature sensor and control module.
• Check temperature sensor.
MISCELLANEOUS• Check transformer; replace if damaged.
LCD Screen Message : Blank - screen dark, but fan running Indicative of power- surge damage to appliance• Check circuit board for visible damage.